Why Rwanda said adieu to French

This article discusses reasons why the central African country of Rwanda, which was a French colony, has decided to switch from French to English as the language of education in schools. These reasons include the benefits of English for economic development, for co-operation with English-speaking African countries, and because of bad relations with the former colonial master France. English become an official language in Rwanda alongside French in 1994. Guardian Weekly, Friday 16 January 2009. Read more…

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2 Responses to Why Rwanda said adieu to French

  1. Ken Westmoreland says:

    It was a Belgian colony, not a French one. Ironically, in Belgium, most people are Dutch speakers and would much rather speak to foreigners in English than in French

  2. mikenix1 says:

    Thanks for the correction, Ken, and also the information about the language situation in Belgium. The article in the Guardian Weekly gives the impression that France colonised Rwanda so it’s good to put that right.

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