Cameroonian Pidgin English

Cameroonian Pidgin English, or Cameroonian Creole, is a linguistic entity of Cameroon. It is also known as Kamtok (from ‘Cameroon-talk’). Five varieties are currently recognised:

  • Grafi Kamtok, the variety used in the grassfields and often referred to as ‘Grafi Talk’
  • liturgical Kamtok. This variety has been used by the Catholic Church for three quarters of a century
  • francophone Kamtok. This variety is now used mainly in towns such as Douala and Yaoundé and by francophones talking to anglophones who do not speak French
  • Limbe Kamtok. This variety is spoken mainly in the southwest coastal area around the port that used to be called Victoria and is now Limbe.
  • Bororo Kamtok. This variety is spoken by the Bororo cattle traders, many of whom travel through Nigeria and Cameroon. Wikipedia. Read more…


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