Languages of East Timor

The languages of East Timor include both Austronesian and Papuan languages. (SeeTimor–Flores languages and West Trans–New Guinea languages.) The lingua franca and national language of East Timor is Tetum, an Austronesian language influenced byPortuguese, with which it has equal status as an official language. The language of theOcussi exclave is Uab Meto. Fataluku, a Papuan language widely used in the eastern part of the country (often more so than Tetum) has official recognition under the constitution, as do other indigenous languages, including: Bekais, Bunak, Dawan, Fataluku, Galoli, Habun,Idalaka, Kawaimina, Kemak, Lovaia, Makalero, Mambai, Tokodede and Wetarese. Wikipedia. Read more…

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