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The Status and Function of English in Indonesia: A Review of Key Factors

This academic article by  Allen Lauder looks at the history of English in Indonesia, the roles and functions it plays, the relationship between English and local languages and discussions about the positive and negative impacts of English, which varieties of English … Continue reading

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English in Jamaica

This short articles explains how Jamaican English (also know as Patois) developed as a pidgin English (a mix of English and other languages) on the ships that took slaves from West Africa to Jamaica and then became the mother tongue … Continue reading

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Research backs English as key to development

A study into the economic impact of learning English in developing countries has concluded that the language can increase the earning power of individuals by around 25% and that developing economies need access to English if they are to grow … Continue reading

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Why Rwanda said adieu to French

This article discusses reasons why the central African country of Rwanda, which was a French colony, has decided to switch from French to English as the language of education in schools. These reasons include the benefits of English for economic … Continue reading

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