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The Language Situation in Fiji

A long academic article looking at the history and current situation of various languages, including English, in education, the media, and language policy. Read this article. Advertisements

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French is dead, long live English Rwanda!

After 100 years of French as the official language in Rwanda, President Paul Kagamé has led his country to join the British the Commonwealth. Overnight, Rwanda’s official language became English, schoolchildren no longer learn French in public schools, and cricket … Continue reading

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Nigeria counts cost of saving English

In a country of more than 250 ethnic groups, English is both a lingua franca and the official language of government and increasingly used in business and middle class homes. But it is widely believed that standards in English, as well … Continue reading

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The languages of South Africa

We’re not called the rainbow nation for nothing. South Africa has 11 official languages, and scores of unofficial ones besides. English is the most commonly spoken language in official and commercial public life – but only the sixth most spoken … Continue reading

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Why Rwanda said adieu to French

This article discusses reasons why the central African country of Rwanda, which was a French colony, has decided to switch from French to English as the language of education in schools. These reasons include the benefits of English for economic … Continue reading

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