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Thai reforms failing to reach needy

Priority has been given to raising education standards and in particular English language skills. But the push to equip the country with an English-speaking workforce has exposed worrying trends. While demand from urban middle class parents for English-medium schooling for their … Continue reading

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Education for All

This is a 2008 report by the Fijian government on education in Fiji, that has short sections on the language situation in Fiji on page 12 and language issues in education on page 31. Read the report.

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The Language Situation in Fiji

A long academic article looking at the history and current situation of various languages, including English, in education, the media, and language policy. Read this article.

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National language debate in Fiji

This article discusses whether Fijian (and also Fiji Hindi), as well as English, should be compulsory languages in school and argues that knowledge of the Fijian language is important for the identity of Fijian people. Wikipedia. Read the article.

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The importance of speaking English

This article argues that the ability to speak English brings chances of better jobs and social status, and opens up access to information, for Cambodians. It also looks at the recent boom in private universities where English is an essential … Continue reading

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English in Vietnam: “I am English teach”

This article discusses the difficulties for primary school teachers to develop their English ability in Vietnam where all primary school students must study English but many teachers do not meet the level of English set by the government. The Economist, … Continue reading

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The Status and Function of English in Indonesia: A Review of Key Factors

This academic article by  Allen Lauder looks at the history of English in Indonesia, the roles and functions it plays, the relationship between English and local languages and discussions about the positive and negative impacts of English, which varieties of English … Continue reading

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